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Online Battleship Solitaire

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The object is to find the hidden ships in the grid using the numbers around the grid as clues to their location.

How To Play

The computer hides the ships in the grid and a few 'shots' will be fired into the grid to get you started (Hints). The ships will be hidden in the grid with the following rules.

  • The ships will be orientated in either the horizontal or vertical direction only.
  • No two ships will be adjacent in any direction including diagonally
  • There is one battleship (4 squares in length)
  • There are three cruisers (3 squares in length)
  • There are three destroyers (2 squares in length)
  • There are four subs (1 square only)
  • The numbers in the right column indicates the number of grid squares occupied by ships in the horizontal direction for each row. 
  • The numbers in the bottom row indicate the number of grid squares occupied by ships in the vertical direction for each column. 

To try and place the ships, click the left mouse button to cycle through the possibilities. They are:

  • White - empty square
  • Blue - water
  • Magenta (4) - battleship
  • Green (3) - cruiser
  • Yellow (2) - destroyer
  • Red (1) - submarine

Pressing the right mouse button will give you a hint for that square.